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BEKO Compressed Air System Solutions

BEKO Technologies develops, manufactures and distributes products and systems for an optimized compressed air and compressed gas quality throughout the world - from the processing of compressed air and compressed gas through filtration and drying, via the proven condensate technology to instruments for the quality supervision and measurement; from the small compressed air application to demanding process technology.

Since its founding, BEKO Technologies has continuously given decisive input to compressed air technology. Their ground-breaking ideas have exerted considerable influence on the development of the compressed air industry. In order to keep this going, more than 10% of their employees work in research and development. With this potential and with their personal commitment, BEKO Technologies stands for trend-setting technologies, products and services.

Numbered diagram of a complete compressed air system utilizing BEKO Technologies solutions

[1] Filtration and Separation with CLEARPOINT

CLEARPOINT air filters and water separators from BEKO Technologies

The CLEARPOINT filter technology guarantees low operating costs, long service life, outstanding process reliability and the safe filtration of aerosols, oil and particles. This comprehensive range of products covers a performance spectrum from 25 to 22,000 scfm and includes threaded and flanged filters, as well as high-pressure filters up to 7,250 psig.

With their innovative 3E filter elements (3E = Energy Efficient Element) and flow optimized, corrosion protected housing construction, CLEARPOINT units offer safe and reliable filtration and qualitatively better compressed air at significantly reduced operating costs.

Key Features:

• High-performance filtration; better compressed air quality and significantly reduced operating costs

• Improved separation efficiency

• High dirt and particulate absorption capacity

• Super-low differential pressure

• Performance optimized volume flow increase by up to 30%

• Tested and validated in accordance with ISO 12500

• Filters also available as water separators: CLEARPOINT W

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CLEARPOINT Flow Pressure
Performance Range 25 to 21,000 scfm up to 7,250 psig


DRYPOINT refrigerated air dryers from BEKO Technologies


The operating costs - and not the investment costs - determine the cost efficiency of refrigeration dryers. Using DRYPOINT RA these crucial operating costs can be reduced by half over a 5-year period. The non-cycling DRYPOINT RA line is available in two different series to satisfy every level of required performance.

DRYPOINT RAc Economy Series from 10 to 480 scfm
DRYPOINT RAx Premium Series from 20 to 5,000 scfm

Key Features:

• Includes the patented Vario Flow hot gas by-pass valve

• Compact design with low internal vibration

• High efficiency heat exchanger for inlet temperatures up to 160 °F

• BEKOMAT inside


The DRYPOINT RA CT series takes all of the best features from the standard RA series and combines them with innovative cycling technology resulting in even greater operational cost savings.

Key Features:

• All new, ground-up controller design

• Compact, space saving design

• Includes the patented Vario Flow hot gas by-pass valve

• Oversized heat exchanger with flow optimized profile

• BEKOMAT inside

• Energy saving cold-trap cycling technology


DRYPOINT RA HT high temperature refrigerant air dryers are specifically designed to handle the extreme demand of inlet compressed air temperatures up to 210 °F. This level of performance is only possible with the integrated after cooler and filter combination found within the DRYPOINT RA HT series dryers.

Key Features:

• Significantly reduced operating costs

• High operational reliability

• Includes the patented Vario Flow hot gas by-pass valve

• BEKOMAT inside

• Integrated after cooler complete with pre-filtration


With full counter flow heat exchangers of either copper tube-in-tube or stainless steel / copper brazed plate designs, the DRYPOINT RS HP is capable of handling compressed air pressures up to 725 psig all while maintaining tight outlet pressure dew point tolerance.

Key Keatures:

• Additional stainless steel componentry

• Very long service life

• Advanced controller

• High pressure rated BEKOMAT inside

• Easy handling and installation

• Available in 17 different model sizes

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DRYPOINT Model Flow Pressure
RA 10 to 5,000 scfm up to 230 psig
RA CT 20 to 500 scfm up to 230 psig
RA HT 20 to 350 scfm up to 200 psig
RS HP 15 to 1,750 scfm up to 725 psig

[3] Heatless and Heated Desiccant Drying with DRYPOINT X, DRYPOINT AC HP, DRYPOINT ACH, and DRYPOINT ACX

DRYPOINT X and AC series desiccant dryers, both heated and heatless, from BEKO Technologies


DRYPOINT X desiccant dryers are specifically designed to minimize air loss. With this design, air loss and back pressure are reduced resulting in an opertionally efficient dryer. When these features are combined with the adjustable cycle times of the premium models the result is a dramatically quick economic payback period. The DRYPOINT X line is available in two series to suit every application.

DRYPOINT XCe Economy Series from 80 to 3,000 scfm

DRYPOINT XCp Premium Series from 80 to 3,000 scfm

Key Features:

• Significantly reduced operating costs

• High operational reliability

• Electronic control offers operational flexibility

• Designed with the user in mind - easy install and simple maintenance


The DRYPOINT AC HP desiccant dryer reliably removes humidity from high-pressure compressed air. Every DRYPOINT AC HP unit is individually adjusted to the application conditions and customer requirements and thereby achieves the utmost in performance efficiency.

Key Features:

• Full stainless steel construction

• Leak free connections

• Intelligent, expandable PLC controller

• Trouble-free and easy to maintain

• Freeze-free purge air

• Sized and engineered specifically for your application


Heated purge desiccant dryers provide the next level up in terms of energy savings when compared to heatless designs, and the DRYPOINT ACH is no exception. The entire design from valves to controller were given careful consideration to not only save money, but to also improve operational reliability.

Key Features:

• Purge efficient design

• Fully programmable PLC

• Standard cycle failure alarm

• Available with or without tower insulation

• Demand specific sizing and engineered to your exact specifications


When a true system solution that delivers absolute maximum performance in all areas is required then DRYPOINT ACX is that solution. Heated, blower operated desiccant dryers are at the top of the range in terms of product longevity, reliability and total energy savings.

Key Features:

• Outstanding price to performance ratio

• Minimal flow resistance

• Available in 4 different series for every level of performance

• Intelligent PLC controller with several available options

• Open frame with compact support rails

• Demand specific sizing and engineered to your exact specifications

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DRYPOINT Model Flow Pressure
X 80 to 30,000 scfm up to 150 psig
AC HP 35 to 480 scfm up to 7,250 psig
ACH 70 to 4,000 scfm up to 150 psig
ACX 260 to 10,000 scfm up to 150 psig

[4] Membrane Drying with DRYPOINT M and DRYPOINT M PLUS

DRYPIONT M and M PLUS membrane air dryers from BEKO Technologies

The DRYPOINT M is a super compact membrane air dryer that dries compressed air or gas stream down to the required dew point while self-adjusting to the ambient conditions. Along with filtration, compressed air drying contributes significantly to the enhancement of process reliability. The DRYPOINT M range is available without filtration as with the standard series or with an integrated pre-filter in the DRYPOINT M PLUS series.

Key Features:

• Reliable compressed air drying with low purge air demands

• Zero electrical consumption and no desiccant

• TWIST 45 technology for high efficiency drying

• No change in the compressed air composition or temperature

• No moving parts and no maintenance

• Optimum filtration included directly upstream of DRYPOINT M PLUS

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DRYPOINT M and M PLUS Flow Pressure
Performance Range 0.10 to 300 scfm up to 180 psig

[5] Measurement Technology with METPOINT and METPOINT OCV Instrumentation

METPOINT compressed air measurement instrumentation from BEKO Technologies


In the field of compressed air, specialized measurement technology provides the database used for the successful assessment and assurance of compressed air quality. Continuous monitoring of compressed air parameters offers process safety and the reliable identification of hidden expenses that are driving up costs unnecessarily. Possible overloading (i.e. excessive air velocities) or malfunctions can be detected quickly and reliably and this allows for the most economical optimization of plant components. Moreover, the exact consumption percentages at different stages of production is of great value in making fact-based business management decisions. The complete METPOINT line of monitors, data loggers and sensors let you handle these tasks with ease:

METPOINT Monitoring
Touch screen display
Multiple sensor connections

Dew point
And more!

Key Features:

• Highly accurate instruments designed for compressed air

• Reliable measurements that are independent

• Multi-function displays that are easy to use

• Completely modular system that expands as needed

• Maximum flexibility with stationary and portable devices

• No adjustments necessary


At many points in the processing of compressed air, there is the risk of contamination with hydrocarbons, particularly oil. In oil flooded compressors, oil vapor enters the compressed air system as a result of the compression process. Further contamination can occur where oil and grease are employed as lubricants and sealing compounds. Even oil-free compressors are no guarantee for oil-free compressed air, since oil vapor already exists in the air that is drawn into the compressor at the intake. Wherever contaminants may enter a production process, then the company needs to be sure that accurate monitoring is in place to detect even the smallest trace of contamination. The METPOINT OCV completely takes over the requirement to constantly monitor your compressed air and performs this task to an accuracy of 0.003 mg/m3. The system ensures that you have contamination-free processes and therefore contamination-free products.

Key Features:

• Worldwide exclusive technology

• Exceeds ISO 8573-1 Class 1 standards

• Self-adjusting reference air sample

• Simplified calibration process eliminates downtime

• Network ready with data logging and remote access

• Multi-function color touch screen display

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METPOINT Series Flow Pressure
Sensors No Restriction up to 725 psig
OCV No Restriction up to 900 psig

[6] Oil-free Process Technology with BEKOKAT

Diagram showing a compressed air system with a BEKOKAT catalytic conversion hydrocarbon removal system, among other products, from BEKO Technologies

The main source for oil in compressed air is the compressor: some of the compressor oil from oil-lubricated machines always enters the compressed air stream. In order to prevent this, the installation of compressors with oil-free compression is often favored. This is a false sense of security! This compression method prevents additional lubricating oil from entering the compressed air, but, this is by no means a guarantee that the compressed air is free from oil. Hydrocarbons in the ambient air are the reason for this.

Therefore, compressed air of the highest quality according to ISO 8573-1 can only be guaranteed with oil-free compression combined with supplementary processing. The BEKOKAT offers an ideal system solution for this! In a single process step, the BEKOKAT breaks down hydrocarbons inside the compressed air stream. The residual oil content significantly outperforms the requirements of Class 1 according to ISO 8573-1 - proven and certified!

Key Features:

• Oil-free and sterile compressed air that is better than ISO 8573-1 Class 1 oil content standard

• Independent of ambient temperature, air humidity and oil inlet concentration

• Clean and environmentally friendly

• Partial-load operation is possible

• Minimal maintenance with long service intervals

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BEKOKAT Flow Pressure
Performance Range 35 to 705 scfm up to 230 psig

[7] Condensate Drainage with BEKOMAT

BEKOMAT condensate drains from BEKO Technologies

Generating compressed air always involves the formation of liquid condensate which, in most cases, contains oil. It is also contaminated with dirt particles which, if not removed, will disperse throughout an entire compressed air network. This is a very common problem and often results in elevated costs, damage and downtime. Using an electronically level-controlled BEKOMAT, the condensate in the compressed air system is drained automatically. The intelligent electronics prevent compressed air losses and minimize the energy input required.

Key Features:

• Unique sensor detects all kinds of condensate

• High dirt resistance

• Low maintenance

• Fully automatic monitoring

• Saves energy, costs and lowers CO2 emissions

• Extensive portfolio of custom equipment for special applications

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BEKOMAT Flow Pressure
Performance Range 1 to 50,000 scfm up to 900 psig

[8] Condensate Processing with ÖWAMAT, QWIK-PURE, BEKOSPLIT

ÖWAMAT, QWIK-PURE, and BEKOSPLIT oil-water separation solutions from BEKO Technologies


Located directly at the source, oil-water separation is a more cost-effective solution for environmentally compatible condensate management than centralized treatment. The ÖWAMAT and QWIK-PURE oil-water separators do not generate any energy costs, boast enormous filter service lives and can be retrofitted without problems in older facilities.

Key Features:

• Processed condensate can be directly introduced into the sewer system as treated wastewater

• Easiest handling through cartridge technology

• Type approval for compressor condensates

• No permit required according to most local laws on water quality

• No energy costs under normal conditions


BEKOSPLIT emulsion splitting systems reliably and costeffectively remove oils, water-insoluble organic impurities and solid contaminations from condensate. BEKOSPLIT operates with low splitting-agent consumption, longer filter service life and offers electronic monitoring of the operating conditions.

Key Features:

• Economical in consideration of purchase, operation and maintenance

• Reliable, environmentally friendly and easy to use

• Type approval according to German standards

• No permit required according to most local laws on water quality

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Models Flow Pressure
ÖWAMAT | QWIK-PURE 45 to 8,400 scfm up to 580 psig
BEKOSPLIT 440 to 7,000 scfm up to 360 psig