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Instrumentation for Compressed Air

METPOINT compressed air instrumentation line from BEKO Technologies

The key to the successful optimization of compressed-air systems is data. The METPOINT range of measurement equipment provides the data base for the evaluation and assurance of the compressed-air quality and for the identification of hidden cost drivers. BEKO’s measurement equipment can also be employed for the extension of plants and for the early elimination of malfunctions.

The requirements on compressed air as an operating resource regarding energy efficiency, quality, and process safety are the reason for the versatile needs for measurement equipment. For quality monitoring, for example, METPOINT measures parameters such as the residual oil content (oil vapor), humidity, temperature, and pressure dew point. During the monitoring of energy consumption, it detects the flow rate, current consumption, and total consumption, and identifies leaks. As regards medical breathing air, it monitors and logs the limit values of the Pharmacopoeia.

METPOINT compressed air monitoring system from BEKO Technologies


Precision instruments for compressed air

METPOINT OCV hydrocarbon monitoring system from BEKO Technologies


Advanced hydrocarbon monitoring system